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Columbia Montrail Caldorado 2

*This attempt was sponsored by Columbia Sportswear. Most of my gear was provided by them. This is a genuine list of the gear I used and my honest thoughts on it's performance.  

on my feet
COLUMBIA MONTRAIL CALDORADO II - My go to trail shoe, I'm no professional but I love these shoes. Comfortable and supportive.
Columbia Montrail Caldorado 2
COLUMBIA MONTRAIL CALDORADO III OUTDRY - The latest version of the Caldorado and this version has Columbia's OutDry technology. Perfect for wet days. This is the first time I've worn the OutDry version and I'd advise selecting a half size larger than you would normally wear. I felt there was less give as my feet swole due to the distance.
Columbia Montrail Caldorado 3 Odex
Mountain Hardware Ghost UL 2 person tent
MOUNTAIN HARDWARE GHOST UL 2 - It's not the lightest tent on the market but it's always served me pretty well in a range  of conditions. You may want to opt for something lighter. 
Drymax Hyper Thin Crew Sock
DRYMAX HYPER THIN 1/4 CREW - I sought advice from the professionals on this one and 'DryMax' is the word that kept being thrown at me. They are super expensive but I have to say, I think they might just be worth it! 
Columbia Montrail Molokai Sandal
COLUMBIA MONTRAIL MOLOKAI - These saved my feet. Every day after running I switch to these. Unlike regular flip flops the Molokai is moulded to support your foot and help you to recover.
Columbia Montrail Titan Ultra T-shirt
COLUMBIA MONTRAIL TITAN ULTRA - Lightweight and I've never had any issues with chaffing. Columbia's OmniFreeze technology makes it a great choice for long distance 
JetBoil Zip Gas Cooker
JETBOIL ZIP GAS COOKER - Fastest stove i've ever used and it's fairly lightweight.  
Columbia Montrail Caldorado Insulated Jacket
CALDORADO INSULATED JACKET - This is my favorite item to run in. The front is insulated so it's great for a cold day. The back is a wicking stretch material without insulation which means less sweating when wearing a backpack. 
Columbia Montrail Caldorado Odex Shell Jacket
CALDORADO OUTDRY EXTREME SHELL - There is a lightweight version which is amazing. Since I was running in April and subject to some heavy downpours I opted for the thicker version. It's still lightweight and extremely waterproof. Perfect for the mountain sections
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