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wild swimming in iceland

Now I’m not going to go as far as saying that I threw last night’s game but what I will say is that I’m not overly disappointed with my ‘forfeit’. Of course I’d have liked to of righted the Euro 2016 wrongs by hammering the Icelandic team six nil, but if I’m completely honest, swimming in the Glacier Lagoon is something I’ve always wanted to do. Not many people, certainly not the ones I’ve met have ever set eyes on the Glacier Lagoon let alone had the opportunity to swim in it.

It’s important to point out that it’s not just the temperature that causes issues when swimming in the lagoon. Just moments before I took my first steps into the lagoon accompanied by a sound I can only describe as being similar to thunder, one of the bigger ice bergs split in half and came crashing into the water. It generated so much force that it sent a wave rushing across the entire lagoon with took around ten minutes to settle back down. If I had been near that… I wouldn’t be writing this right now. That I am certain of!

Sobered to the very real danger. For the first time I was actually nervous about heading out into the water. If the freezing cold water didn’t get me, it seemed pretty clear that the truck sized chunks of ice falling off the building sized chunks of ice would. Still, I wasn’t about to let the fear of imminent death get in the way of having a good time.

Stepping into the water the very first thing I noticed was a tight feeling. Accompanied by a stinging sensation in my hands and feet. This was almost instant. It wasn’t painful as I had anticipated. Just tight. Legs, chest, hands. Everything. It wasn’t uncomfortable though at all. It was refreshing in fact. To stand right in the middle of this beautiful place. Ice thousands of years old floating around me, admiring the snowcapped peaks of the surrounding mountains I almost forgot what it was like to have worries. .I just hoped I didn’t step on a seal.


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